Friday, November 15, 2013

The Best Man Holiday just happens to be the best movie of the holiday – A sequel well worth the wait.

Chrystal Dorsey Movie Rating: ★★★★

Best man holiday

Fans and newcomers will be eagerly delighted to see, "The Best Man Holiday," Malcolm D. Lee's sequel to his 1999's "The Best Man," reunites the original incredibly talented ensemble cast; including: Monica Calhoun, Morris ChestnutTaye Diggs, Regina Hall, Terrence Howard, Sanaa Lathan, Nia Long, and Harold Perrineau. The film picks up 15 years later from the original, when the college friends reunite for the Christmas holiday. However, in this segment … The Dramedy - romantic comedy-drama -styled film will cause moviegoers to double over with gut bursting laughter – produce tears in their eyes – and at the same time tug warmly at one’s heart as relationships, friendships, and the devastation of life, is truly tested.

Although it is 15 years later, there is still quite a bit of Unfinished Business – Harper’s first book title, that caused a stir in the first movie – because there are some tales to be told, juicy secrets to reveal, and unfortunately more hurt and healing to take place with this group of close-knit friends. Surprisingly, some of those old flames may not yet be extinguished as once thought, and may very well be re-kindled.

Bitter resentment and grudges flare up once again, and it’s possible the grip may be too tight for forgiveness and relationship may crumble beyond repair.

Quentin is [still] ridiculously funny and right on point with his life’s logic; Selby is [still] and always will be Selby, but there will be some interesting surprises with her character; ladies will enjoy L boogie’s shirtlessness but may find his issues a bit more trying to handle; and as far as, Harper, Jordan, and their respective spouses – Robyn & Brian there will of course be some serious conflict. But most surprisingly perhaps will be Julian and Candance as some rather intimate and juicy secrets are revealed, which cause a serious upheaval within the mix.

This is not a click flick, nor is it a Black film. It is a film that is truly entertaining for male and female alike, and it is definitely a universal film that has no racial boundaries. So, if you’d like to label or even consider it as a cross-over movie, do so, I just know it’s a movie most movie goers can and will enjoy; as it is truly and utterly entertaining.

Closing note: One of the best elements about this sequel, it works outstandingly well as a stand-alone; so if you haven’t seen its predecessor, The Best Man – truly worth seeing – you will not find yourself in the dark, wondering what happen in the first film. But don’t deprive yourself, be certain to see both movies, and it does not matter what order you see them in. However, I suggest grabbing a ticket and going to see the newer movie today; afterwards, check out, The Best Man. It’s a win-win in movie entertainment.