Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mad Men’s Betty Draper’s Ordeal - Depression or Selfishness?

You do not have to be a television couch-potato, to become a die-hard fan of Mad Men (aka MM) all it seems to take is your undivided attention to an episode – and you could very well become hooked.  Most baby-boomers can appreciate how well the series’ managers to capture the ambiance of the 60s era.  And everyone else can just appreciate the opportunity to be transported back in time and experience what they weren’t able to first-hand.
Writer, Susan Weissman’s recent (11 November 2009) article in The Huffington Post, posed a question that ask, if the alluring Betty Draper  character would smile before next season’s final episodeBetty Draper - Mad Men,   Well, since the third season finale aired Sunday 8 November 2009, and it was a tantalizing cliff-hanging finale, with the promise of a phenomenal fourth season; it’s probably safe to say that MM fans are more interested in the start of the fourth season next year, as oppose to the final episode.
As for Betts (as her husband Don refers to her as), she's what some refer to as spoiled and self-centered.  Most women like Betty who were so use to having the spotlight shone on them that they can't bare to have anyone else upstage them in the attention category, including their own children - so they create a dramatic/depressed atmosphere, starring none other than themselves.  It appears that Betty doesn't smile often because she wants someone to ask her what they can do for her or give to her to make her smile.  Perhaps she is frustrated with her life, because she's not doing much to contribute to her own happiness.
Anyway,  Betts appears to be going from one open-wallet to another  with her latest human-ATM, Hunter, the only thing is, she's not really taking much to the table is she? No, she's a pampered brat who does not work outside the home, but has the nerve to drink and smoke while watching her housekeeper cook, clean, & care for her children.  Yet, she still can't seem to find a way to accomplish any goal she may have had or find anything meaningful to do with her endless free time.

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