Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Bounty Hunter – rent it if you need to get some sleep.

imageGeez, what was I thinking  I can not tell you how much I truly regret wasting my $1.07 at Redbox on this so-called “action-romance.” movie.   The Bounty Hunter, really?.…. Let’s put aside my opinion of Jennifer Aniston & her limited-talent as an actress (beyond television). What Aniston has had going for her is the media’s constant reference to her connection to Brad Pitt and being a blonde, which for some reason that I still can not fathom Hollywood seems to think solidifies one as star quality – perhaps all of Hollywood should dye their hair blonde and be done. 
That said,  Unfortunately, any talent Aniston supposedly has was not mustered into this performance.  Instead, as usual and for some inexplicable reason, there was more focus on her looks and body in this supposed “action-romance.”  
As there are no surprises in this, slow paced “action” flick, I won’t spoil it (any more than I already have) for those who still may actually want to rent it.  Butler plays Milo Boyd, an ex-cop, now bounty hunter who’s thrilled from his head to his toes when an old friend drops an assignment in his lap that calls for bringing Nicole Hurley (Aniston), his ex-wife who is a reporter for the New York Daily News, in for skipping bail. 
Despite the rumors of Aniston and Butler being an off-screen item during filming,  this pair shared absolutely no sparks what-so-ever on the screen; it was as if one found out the other had something they didn’t wish to catch.  On-Screen, Milo and Nicole seemed to despise each other so much that it was hard to even imagine why these two characters would have ever been married in the first place.  Which truly made it difficult to root for them to get back together — which is usually the central theme of movies of this sort.  However, I must admit, I was rooting for the end to be quick and painless as possible.  Alas, it was not – it dragged on at a very slow pace.
He captures her, she escapes.  He finds her, he loses her.  She needs his help, he needs her help, blah, blah, blah, you know the routine. 
Oh, the twist?  if you can call it that, is Nicole (Aniston) needs to get away from her bounty hunter – ex so that she can follow up on a story lead,  surrounding the mystery circumstances of a suicide that was something more menacing than a suicide; and of course, only a cracker-jack reporter such as Nicole along with her boarder-line stalker co-worker, can solve it. 
Recommendation, rent this when all else fails.  Or you need to get some sleep.

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