Sunday, August 22, 2010

EAT PRAY LOVE - An Onscreen Travel Blog

Well, as much as I enjoy a Julie Roberts movie on occasion, dull is what I find myself saying about her most recent movie in which she plays the main character, Liz Gilbert in ' Eat Pray Love'  one of those 'find yourself' movies.  This movie which is suppose to be about a woman, Liz Gilbert, that has lost her passion for life; was more or less an onscreen travel blog - without action or excitement. 

Mini-Synopsis: Liz leaves everything behind, including her (newly) ex-husband, Stephen (Billy Crudup) and her even newer wanna-be-actor boyfriend, David (James Franco) to travel for an entire year.  First, she goes to Italy for a few months and rediscovers the joy of eating - I found the Italy experience to be one of the best, if not the only interesting of her experiences in the movie.  The second country she goes to is India.  In India she supposedly finds her inner peace through prayer and meditation - enough said.  The final destination is Bali, where she hopes to find balance - and the way she finds it, you guessed it, she falls in love with a wonderful man that makes her feel alive again.  Well, well, well, how else could there be a predictable neat and tidy happy ending without the protagonist falling in love.

Oh, one of the most memorable scenes (for me) in the movie, was when Liz and her buddy (during her India experience), Richard (Richard Jenkins) from Texas who referred to her as 'groceries' because of her appetite, was leaving for the airport.  As Liz and Richard were walking, the extras in the background were looking at Liz as if she were Julie Roberts, that was too freaking funny.  Of course in the next shot, the movie editor caught the flaw - too late. 

I'm glad I used my free-pass to see this chick-flick and I only did so because my copy of the book (which I needed to read for a book club meeting) hadn't come in yet.  What I did truly goes against my rules - never see a movie before reading the book it was adapted from; and I don't know how I could ever force myself to read the book now, considering what a snooze I found the movie to be - so I won't, because I just can't.

I did not receive a complimentary copy of this book to facilitate my review. The opinions are mine.

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