Monday, January 10, 2011

Tandem: An interestingly Cute Story of Blood-Draining Suspense

Tracey Bateman is an award-winning author of more than thirty titles...Tracey Bateman 's novel, Tandem, is a  dark plot that swirls around the small town of Abbey Hills, MO and everyone's quest to unravel the truth about the menacing murders that have befallen an otherwise peaceful existence. 

It was thought that the blood-draining murders had finally come to an end, after a fire supposedly destroyed the life of the murderer, yet less than a year later and the murders had begun again.

The Sheriff of Abbey Hills, Jill Jenkins and Deputy Charley Baylor may have had an easier chance of solving the murders, but sabotage played a major role in the deadly  hunt for the truth.   Not to mention, the vampire sensationalism heighten by no other than Miranda, the town's feisty red-haired young busy-body waitress with a blog dedicated to constantly making accusations and offering details pertaining to vampires.

With this particular genre,  Author Bateman builds believable characters from the onset of the story, by sharing the personal relationship between Lauryn McBride and her father who has been stricken by Alzheimer's…unfortunately he is fading almost as quickly as his daughter's ability to hang on to him. 
Moreover, Bateman provides a poignant description of the  life of a vampire, but she uses a humorous style that is perhaps geared to appeal to young adult readers or those not yet members of the vampire craze club.

The author builds on the suspense through the increased tension of the residents who once believed the murders may have been committed by an animal, until several animals were also slay.  Oddly the animal slayings became noticeable after the arrival of, Amede Dastillon, the beautiful poised descend of New Orleans wealth.   A woman who didn't relish being perpetually 30 years old - especially after the ominous disappearance of her sister, Eden.   Is it possible that well-mannered and sophisticated, Amede could have committed the string of mysterious murders while on a  malicious vampire's quest for revenge, or was it just a coincidence that the murders increased, after her arrival? Either way, she'd become one of the prime suspects. 

Just when they and perhaps you, think you have it all figured out, a number of twists will alter the suspicion that surrounds Amede and others, as 'Things That Go Bump in the Night'.   

In Conclusion 
Tandem  is an insightful and compelling follow up to Thirsty, Bateman's other novel with a interesting twist on the popular vampire craze.   An interestingly cute  story about some characters that performed seemingly super-human tasks, similar to those in Underworld.  However, the reader is also shown their flaws and the strength of intimate friendships, loyalty and relationships.

I found the gentle engaging prose the writer uses throughout the majority of the book, a refreshing change from the hard core sell.  And considering the theme of the novel I was delightfully surprised at how it was skillfully delivered without being overly gorgy or stuffed with explicit sex scenes.  However, it would have been a much smoother read, had the author not chosen to continually switch back & forth from first-person to third-person, so randomly and rapidly.

I am anything but a fan of the vampire fad, and have no desire to join in on the obsession, but this, my first vampire read was presented in an engaging story of suspense and I rather enjoyed it.  

Tracey Bateman.  Tandem  WaterBrook Press, 2010.  312pp.

“I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review - However, the opinions are mine."

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