Monday, November 7, 2011

Nick Of Time

Nick of Time by Tim Downs
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Publication Date:  2011
Reviewed by Chrystal Dorsey 

Dr. Nick Polchack  is an interesting character in Tim Down’s, Bug Man series (Shoo Fly Pie, Chop Shop, First the Dead, Less Than Dead, and Ends of the Earth), Nick is a forensic entomologist who understands one thing well … bugs, but as far as people, not so much.

On the last page of Ends of the Earth, Nick asked someone to marry him. Unfortunately we didn’t know who. Nick of Time answers that question.

In this  installment  of the Bug Man mystery series there are plenty of twists and turns  for the reader to discover and enjoy; including the fact that Nick and Alena are preparing for their wedding, well, Alena is.  Nick is a bit distracted when he finds himself out of town, chasing clues to solve the puzzling murder case of an old friend.

Will he make it back in time for the nuptials?  Will he find the killer before it's too late?  Will he survive the dangerous situation he's unwittingly placed himself in?  The answer to these questions will be revealed in due time throughout the pages of this quirky mystery.

Besides getting the answers to those intriguing questions,  readers will also learn, what happened early in Nick’s life that caused his disconnection from people and fascination with bugs.  Readers  will  finally get to see the light bulb go on in Nick’s heart about what loving another human being, namely Alena, really means. But what they won't get to see is, a neatly packaged ending - because, there are always surprises in store when Tim Downs puts pen to paper.

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