Monday, January 23, 2012

Between Friends

Between Friends by D.L. Sparks
Genre: Dramatic/Suspense
Publisher: Urban Books / Kensington Publishing
Publication Date: January 2012
Reviewed by Chrystal Dorsey

D.L. Sparks, recently voted in as the newest member of the Atlanta Georgia Peach Authors, caught the attention of readers with her debut and sophomore novels is back with her latest dramatic suspense novel Between Friends, about A DEA agent and an APD Lieutenant who lock horns during a joint investigation that unearths cold-blooded corruption and heartless manipulation in this fast paced drama. 

Between Friends opens as DEA Agent Orlando "Trip" Spencer has returned to his home town Atlanta to help with a complicated investigation.  Trip didn't want to take the case, he didn't want to be back in Atlanta, but what he least wanted to do was to work with APD Lt. Lincoln Briscoe

Between Friends, draws heavily on drug kingpins turning up dead and weapons being funneled into the county jail, but there is more than just a cat and mouse game of intrigue being played as this drama unfolds it is also packed with romantic complications and there is no telling what will happen when Trip and his closest friend, Idalis Arrington come face to face again.

Although they have been friends since early childhood, there is a wedge between Trip and Idalis' relationship and that wedge is none other than Lincoln "Linc" Briscoe, Trip's nemesis - whose been on a collision course with Trip since college and happens to be engaged to marry Idalis, a complication that may very well affect Trip's ability to focus on the case. 

Trip learns that Idalis is in trouble and his efforts to protect her and investigate the slaughters taking place on the streets of the Dirty South take him all over the city of Atlanta -from Atlantic Station through Spaghetti Junction to a house in Cascade - a house full of secrets.

 As the investigation gains speed the novel peaks up even more; emerging secrets threaten the pending marriage between Idalis and Linc. Unfortunately while trying to protect Idalis Trip's partner, Philip "Big Phil" Porter is shot and left for dead.

Readers will appreciate that BF does not disapoint, as other suspense dramas tend to do, once the mystery of Phil's shoter is revealed, the adrenaline does not stop pumping, instead the rapid pace continues. The story does not become boring and readers will learn that the innocent aren't always as innocent as they seem.

Sparks may not win an award of excellence (though there's no reason she shouldn't), she is still an author of quality that deserves recognition and merit for the realism she brings to her characterization skills. The realistic characterization of Trip comes to life while he investigates corruption, his relationship with his best friend Idalis and some childhood demons.

Some books defy expectations, some books defy critics, they are often the books readers call a darn good read - and BF is one of those books -  it also suggests the start of an interesting series for Trip rather than a single suspense novel.  I have no doubt that Between Friends could very well become a New York Times bestseller and I’m hoping it will be adapted into a big-screen movie.

Between Friends is a must read and highly recommended for anyone who wants to become engrossed into a suspenseful entertaining storyline.  It's been a long time since I've enjoyed a book for the story content and the characters that come alive throughout the pages. I want to thank both the author for her talent for being able to tell a story in such an entertaining matter.

Review copy provided by publisher. 


itsmelisab said...

What an awesome review Chrystal, your suggestion has put a pep in my step in buying the hard copy today!

Chrystal said...

Hello itsmelisab,
Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your wonderful comment. I will pass your comment along to the author and publicist. And I am certain you will enjoy the intriguing read.
Do be certain to come back and let me know how you enjoyed Between Friends.


D.L. Sparks said...

Thank you so much for you indepth review. I enjoyed working with these characters and am thrilled you enjoyed them and their story as well. Trip is definitely my favorite and I would love to see him on the big screen as well!

Thank you again!
D.L. Sparks

Chrystal said...

Hello Ms. Sparks,
You are welcome for the review, I enjoyed writing it and thank you for sharing your wonderful talent.

I can only imagine how much you enjoyed working with the characters - I must admit Idalis threw me off at first, yet she became a character of interest. I would love to see Trip and the rest of the characters - including Lincoln on the big screen. I truly hope you are able to make it happen. Write the screenplay and lets go from there.