Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Best Friend's Brother - Definitely Can't Be Judged by It's Cover.

My Best Friend's Brother is a short but commanding story surrounding the challenges of friendship, betrayal, forgiveness, and love. 
The main characters in this story are, Mikayla “Mickey” Watson and, Stacy Ann McIntire -"Sam",  they are two women who become fast friends after competing for the same Architect  job and learning  they not only share the same profession, but they happen to be neighbors as well.  Mickey is a church going

Christian committed to remaining abstinent, while Stacy "Sam" on the other hand appears to be a take 'em and leave 'em  kinda Lesbian.  Mickey and Sam were the sister the other never had, they were inseparable and each other's sworn advocate - until Sam's brother, Samuel enters the scene and becomes an intricate part of Mickey's life, while at the same time creating an incredible strain on Sam and Mickey's relationship.

Mickey finds herself  emotionally caught between her lover and best friend - who happen to be twins.  Mickey does not want to lose the friendship she has cultivated with Sam for the past two years nor does she want to let go of the love she's found with Samuel.  Essentially the decision is made for her and with it emotional upheaval and chaos ensues, but nothing prepares her for the heartache she endures at the hands of the pair. 

This is  a entertaining worthwhile story that contains a number of interesting events that take place in the span of this all too short novelette.  Luckily author Makasha Dorsey is a skilled writer and unique story-teller who not only gives readers a glimpse of a relationship between two characters but she also shares with them, a promise of intrigue, romance, secrets and more -making this a novelette equally packed with the same power of a lengthier novel. 

My Best Friend's Brother is an easy read and delightful read that also contains a powerful message of acceptance and tolerance delicately sprinkled throughout with a surprising twist that readers definitely won't see coming.  It is a story readers will enjoy and certainly remember . 

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