Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mayhem and Mischief Marvel within Miscellaneous Blues

Miscellaneous Blues by Erica L. Crump
Genre: Dramatic Fiction
Publisher: JX Enterprises, LLC
Publication Date: September 2011
Reviewed by Chrystal Dorsey

Miscellaneous Blues a commendable debut novel that will keep you hooked until you turn the final pages.  Sit back; meet sisters Sasha, Victoria, Mya and Lola - the Dexter Divas.

Miscellaneous Blues is a seamlessly smooth delightfully intriguing read. Newbie author, Erica L. Crump writes with professional ease and produces a story that explores the elements of life through four sisters - it is a story that will touch on several emotions including fear, love, hate, betrayal and forgiveness.

The characters are full of life and completely believable and absolutely carry Miscellaneous Blues - plus-size Victoria makes you want to reach out and comfort her, as she struggles to get her weight down which soared to unmanageable proportions due to the abuse she is subjected to at the hands of her free loading live-in babies' daddy of 16 years;  Mya is detestable, and not just because she's carried on a four year affair with a married man, but because she's an angry selfish insecure demon screaming for constant attention, and is more concerned with getting a husband by any means necessary than admitting she has a serious problem, she is also relentless when it comes to the hatred and violence she inflicts on her youngest sister; stunningly attractive, Lola the youngest is just trying to find her way back emotionally after the death of her one true love, and to steer clear of Mya's uncontrollable wrath whenever possible,  as she raises her son alone; and finally there's Sasha aka "Cookie" the oldest, strongest and most reliable of the four sisters, the one the other's look up to and attempt to emulate, because from their standpoint, she and her super fine million dollar earning CFO husband have it all together, or so it seems.  However, Cookie's OCD  and dependency on Xanax - something she's been hiding from her sisters - is trying to take hold as she struggles to keep her perfect marriage from falling apart but behind the walls of her seven thousand square foot home of wedded bliss lie the most explosive and appalling secrets of betrayal one could imagine and will give new meaning to the word(s) emotional devastation and forgiveness -  during this turbulent time, Cookie the rock of the family, must draw heavily on her strength in God as she prepares for the possibility of divorce.

Miscellaneous Blues provides some tidy and not-so-tidy resolutions to the tough challenges the characters encounter. As the final pages were read, I found myself somewhat surprised and I'm certain that most readers may anticipate a resolution for some characters that never materialized, instead they will be shocked. Still, Erica L. Crump has crafted a well written book that is ultimately attention-grabbing.  She deals with hard life issues in a painfully real manner. The subtlety in which author Crump sprinkles Christianity and faith within the story is refreshing and not overly done. Miscellaneous Blues will make readers smile, think, become angry, and perhaps even cry; characteristic of a book worth reading. The conclusion of this story is a shocker that you just won't see coming.

I anxiously await Ms. Crump's next book, and a follow up to Miscellaneous Blues would also be welcomed addition to my reading library.

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