Thursday, July 5, 2012

An Accidental Affair

New Year Times bestselling author Eric Jerome Dickey has returned to his romantic roots with a seductive thriller, An Accidental Affair

Mr. Dickey has composed a tale featuring a powerful Hollywood couple, award-winning screenwriter, James Thicke and A-list actress, Regina Baptiste.   It is not a fast paced story, however quite a bit of commotion does take place within the pages of An Accidental Affair.  This story explores the inner workings of Hollywood which is fueled by an intense relationship between the main characters whose lives are intertwined with explicit sex, drugs, and murder.

As with most Hollywood tales this story shows readers that Hollywood is a hellified place, that's hell'a hard on those who have chosen to, be selfish materialistic people, and find themselves hanging on by a rather thin thread.    What brings even more perplexity to the story is that the characters are quite swallow, aren't very complex, and have little to no redeemable qualities, which makes it difficult to root for them.   But because of the development of those characters, readers will be compelled to read through its dramatic conclusion.

The story was not as intriguing or compelling as its title implied and it did not flow as smoothly as one would have hoped.  It's as if there are two books here: a slightly interesting Hollywood thriller, blended with a somewhat dull and rather pedestrian plot.  Jerome Dickey is a talented author, but this installment did not truly showcase his skills.  There was far too much focus on the sexual scenes that dominated and overpowered the story and not enough devotion to an actual well written dramatic thriller.

Overall, I would recommend this title,  it was an entertaining read. However, due to the mature language and explicit sexual content, this book is not suitable for young readers. 

An Accidental Affair by Eric Jerome Dickey
Genre: Seductive Thriller
Publisher: Dutton, Penguin Group
Publication Date: April 17, 2012
Reviewed by Chrystal Dorsey

Review copy provided by publisher.

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