Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mad Men Is On Point

When Mad Men debuted on AMC in 2007 it quickly became one of the most talked about series on television. The show set in 1960ish New York, focuses on the men and women of Madison Avenue Advertising. The show even made history as the first series to win an Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series; it also won Golden Globe’s Best Television Series – Drama.

One interesting element of the show is that there is a tremendous amount of cigarette smoking throughout each episode, depicting how rampant cigarette smoking was during that era; in the boardroom, the bedroom, and shall we gasp?, even pregnant women; which makes you wonder how/why everyone growing up in the 60s isn’t dead or suffering from cigarette-related cancer of some sorts. The series’ recreation is so on point you can almost feel the burning sensation in your eyes that takes you back to the days of smoked-filled rooms clouded with Camels and Kools.

The show has developed in to such a pop-cultural phenomenon with such a passionate fan base Mad Men continues to surpass everyone’s expectations with each new episode. And the record 4.5 Maddicts viewers tuning into the premiere Season 3, were delighted to learn that the show has been picked up just three episodes into the current season. The captivating world of Sterling Cooper will be back on AMC again next year." said Charlie Collier, president and general manager of AMC. And just in case you’re new to this television sensation -- Mad Men currently airs Sunday nights on AMC at 10pm | 9c.

Even if you’ve not yet become a Maddict fan you may still wish to tune in to catch a glimpse of priceless moments such as the one aired in last night’s episode. The scene begins innocently enough, with an older man walking out of the house carrying three large phone books, chatting with his two grandchildren who are on their way to school; but it’s the look on nine year old Sally’s Draper face as Grandpa Gene presses down on her foot to increase her driving speed from 5 mph to a whopping 25 - 30 mph is one of sheer delightful devilment; as she expertly maneuvers the family’s black Lincoln through the Suburban NY streets during another of her Grandpa’s many escapades; to drop she and her younger brother off at their Grammar school. And if by chance you miss it the first go round at 10pm, the show immediately re-airs in its entirely at 11pm. But the Mad Men Maddicts already know that; so select a time, tune in, and be a Maddict that's on point too.


Bob said...

Sorry, but so far it's not as good as last year. The "Bollywood" style Charleston dance scene was certainly anachonistic, for example.

I'm still following in the hope that something interesting will happen, however. Aloha.

Chrystal's Corner said...

First let me say, this blog has been on hold, pardon my delay in responding.

I know most fans/viewers want the edge that they experience last year, but I still think Mad Men is worth the view. There are so many story lines they've yet to touch on, so the anticipation of what's to come is enough to keep you glued. What is going to happen regarding Peggy & Pete's baby, Peggy & Duck, Joan, Salvatore's relationship with his wife considering his sexual preference, etc. etc.

I think it's on point because of what's happening, what has happen, & what can happen.