Friday, January 28, 2011

Uptown - by Virginia DeBerry and Donna Grant

Virginia DeBerry and Donna Grant
Genre:  General Adult Fiction
Publication Date:  March 02, 2010
Publisher:  Touchstone
ISBN-10:  1439137765/ISBN-13: 978-1439137765
pp:  352  Paperback
Format: Audible Audio Edition /Length: 13 hrs and 20 mins.

The extremely talented storytelling duo of bestselling authors, Virginia DeBerry and Donna Grant, team up again for Uptown, their seventh novel.   A unexpected and engaging blend of family lies , control, power, greed, and demons.  Uptown is an interesting novel.   The added bonus for me, was listening to this story via an Audible  Audio Edition - which is actually narrated by the authors, giving a  true sense of their intent.

Uptown is a story that centralizes around the drama surrounding, Dwight Dixon a wheeler-dealer in the high-stakes world of New York real estate.  A businessman in his own right, Dwight was never able to live up to his father's expectations or gain his approval - a tremendous and seemly impossible undertaking.  Dwight always seem to fall short, as his father, a man- clinging to his last bit of power, who had the audacity to dub himself "King." was all too quick to point out, time and time again.  Just as Dwight is about to realize his  dream, he and his plans hit a brick wall.  A wall in the  form of ...

A family tragedy which brings Dwight's cousin, Avery Lyons back to Harlem after a 20 year absence; where she learns she has inherited a chunk of property on Central Park North. The very piece of property Dwight needs to complete his mega-deal and  fulfill his dreams.  Although a 20 year secret binds and separates these once close-knit cousins, Avery is willing to sell—until a reporter uncovers the truth behind the dealings.  And not only does the deal start to unravel but,  other family secrets are exposed as well.

It was like watching a movie without the benefit of  the picture, Uptown, enabled me to experience Harlem up close and personal. The detailed descriptions  took me on a journey through Harlem that was both exciting and refreshing the current events blended well with the historical details that the authors seamlessly wove together.

This reading experience is highly recommended.  So grab a copy, Uptown is available here, in paperback, audio edition, and in kindle edition.

“I did not received this book for free or any other compensation for this review."

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