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A Deeper Love Inside - The Porsche Santiaga Story

Fans of acclaimed writer, Sister Souljah have waited with much anticipation for thirteen years for a sequel to The Coldest Winter Ever – the tale of Winter Santiaga, a realistic coming-of-age story of debauchery. Winter is a spoiled, pampered, ruthless hood rat.  She is attracted to power, intolerant of those without it; she deceives and steals from those who help her. Winter's obsession with money, possessions and appearances, along with her refusal to change has led her down a path of no return.
Now 13 yrs later, the wait is over as Sister Souljah returns to the Santiaga family to write this unforgettable gritty coming-of-age story in the words of young Porsche Santiaga.

A Deeper Love inside opens with ten-year old Porsche Santiaga serving time in a juvenile-prison for attempted murder.  The narrative proceeds to take readers on a journey that will be very difficult to forget.  It is a story of a shrewd quick-witted young girl, wise and clever beyond her years, adjusting to having had things handled for her and with the world at her fingertips to one of survival and hardship.

While in lock up Porsche is force to physically defend herself from the attacks of jealous inmates, that envy her beauty, hair and ability to dance.  Although she is running her own successful hustle, she is recruited by Riot the leader of the Diamond Needle gang. With Riot's help she learns to act smarter and fight with her brain instead of her fists.   And during all of this, Porsche is more motivated than ever to reunite with the family she hasn't seen or heard from since the authorities seized her from their house. 

When the opportunity presents itself, Porsche returns to Long Island only to find that the beautiful world she once knew and loved is no more.  The mansion she once called home is occupied by another family, her father is still serving a life sentence, and the fate of her other family members is unknown.

Apart from Riot, Porsche encounters some very interesting and well-developed characters along the way, each with a little bit to offer her in life lessons - some good and some not-so-good.  For instance Riot, the leader of the Diamond Needle gang, teaches her how to have patience and plan.   Lil’Man aka Angel,  who killed a stranger that violently raped and impregnated Angel’s mother, taught her about getting even on a different level; Warden Strickland taught her not to trust people in authority.  NanaAnna taught her how to grow, prepare, and cook healthy foods.   Mr. Sharp - a wealthy businessman taught her how to form alliances while helping her empire grow.  And her mother taught her the hardest lesson of all, which readers will find between the pages of A Deeper Love Inside.

Due to the multitude of devastation inflicted on her fragile adolescent psyche while in foster care and juvenile-prison, Porsche develops a disorder and becomes unusually attached to her newly acquired friends, Siri and Ivory and holds tightly to them throughout the story.  And it’s through Siri that she meets Elisha Immanuel, a brilliant young soon-to-be movie director with whom she will be able to find and feel A Deeper Love Inside.

Readers that may be wondering if A Deeper Love Inside lives up to The Coldest Winter Ever;  which it does despite being a somewhat different tale.   Whereas Winter grows into a  cold self absorbed thoughtless and uncaring *itch,  Porsche grows from a beautiful, angry, vulnerable girl who fought to survive into a gorgeous, loving, and enchanting young lady living at peace.  A Deeper Love Inside is an endearing tale.

Sister Souljah is a successful political activist and educator of underclass youth.  Her national bestseller The Coldest Winter Ever, considered the definitive novel of the hip-hop generation, marked her fiction debut; she is also the author of a memoir entitled No Disrespect.  She lives in Jersey City with her husband and son.

I would recommend this book to readers wanting a riveting, gritty, yet touching story.  However, due to some language this book may not be appropriate for readers under the age of sixteen.

A Deeper Love Inside - The Porsche Santiaga Story by Sister Souljah
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Emily Bestler Books - Atria Books
Publication Date: January 29, 2013
Reviewed by Chrystal Dorsey 


Troy Johnson said...

This is 29th result in a Google search on Souljah's latest book. I normally would not look this deep, but I was looking for a decent critical review. This was the first I encountered. Thanks for contributing to making the WWW a better place.

Chrystal Dorsey said...

Troy, you are quite welcome for my contribution in making the WWW a better place.
And thank you for taking the time to search so deep for my review. I also hope you enjoy the read.

Thank you for stopping by and do come back often.

Anonymous said...

Who is siri? Is she her imanginary friend?

Chrystal Dorsey said...

Hello Anonymous,
I do appreciate you stopping by this blog site.
I am not certain if you have had an opportunity to read the book. If not, I would not wish to spoil it for you or others by giving away information that will enhance your reading pleasure. However, if you'd like me to answer that question privately I will or you can contact the author via Twitter: @Souljahbooks
or by email:

Have a wonderful day and happy reading.