Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Unfinished Business

Author, L.A Jefferson's debut novel Unfinished Business is the story of one woman's addiction to the wrong man, for what she discovers is the wrong reason, and what she risks getting him out of her system for good.

This is a story that is character driven, with Lydia Love as its main character - with a refreshing plot; which takes place in Detroit, Michigan. The author will take readers on a journey of love, lies, and shocking truths while Lydia struggles to keep from losing her family, friends and a chance at true love. 

Readers will love and hate some of the decisions Lydia makes along the way. They may not understand or agree with her cloud of mess, but they will root for and cheer her on as she stumbles through it all, including dealing with her meddlesome loved ones who are always in her business. A number of readers will be able to identify with the events that occur, as the author sprinkles interesting bread crumbs throughout the story that will keep readers hooked until the end, which provides a very satisfactory conclusion to the book.

This is a book everyone must finish reading. Don't miss out on this....Grab A Copy or Grab the eBook.

Exciting news for Jefferson's existing and new fans, the sequel to Unfinished Business, Reconciliation to Hell is scheduled for release July 2012. 

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Reconciliation to Hell is Coming.